Equine Rubber Mat
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Equine Rubber Mat

Greenhill’s Rubber Equine Mats are made of natural vulcanized rubber. They are specially designed for flooring in stables. Non-porous and durable, the interlocking design allows the mats to stay in place in the stable while providing a seamless finish. The equine rubber mat creates a low-dust and hygienic environment. They are good for horses that suffer from breathing and dust issues. They can be used with dust-free bedding or with no bedding at all.

The mats provide cushioning and a non-slip surface, which helps horses’ joints when they are stabled for long periods. They minimize bedding costs for urine absorption and saves on bedding storage problems. Aside from being quick to clean which reduces labour costs, they protect horses against the concrete flooring and prevents injuries.


Product Type : Equine Rubber Mat
Dimension : 975mm x 975mm
Thickness : 18mm
Shape : Square Interlocking mat
Materials : Vulcanized rubber
Colors : Black

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