Recycled Rubber Pigmented Tiles
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Rubber Pigmented Tiles

Greenhill’s Recycled Rubber Pigmented Tiles are made from recycled SBR topped with Pigmented colour or EPDM rubber. They are a comfortable solution for maximum protection in children’s spaces. They provide unparalleled security due to their high impact mitigation capacity. They are the perfect choice for shock-absorbent surfacing with impact protection at different fall heights, offering maximum safety for reliable uniform impact protection from serious injuries. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor. They make an area safer, more comfortable, and enables easy, quick installation and maintenance.


Shape Square
Dimensions Size: 500mm x 500mm
Thickness: 25mm – 100mm
Unit: 4pcs/m2
Size: 1000mm x 1000mm
Thickness: 15mm – 50mm
Unit: 1pc/m2
Materials & Colours Recycled SBR topped with pigmented colour
(Black, Green, Red, Grey, Yellow, Blue) Show Colours
Recycled SBR topped with EPDM (Full or Speckled) (21 Available colours) Show Colours


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